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Elliott Allan Hilsinger is 49 and has been an entrepreneur his entire life. Elliott Allan Hilsinger involves himself in a variety of other endeavors, including business consulting, giving back to the community and coaching athletics; however, these are only a few of the many endeavors that Hilsinger pursues aside from his entrepreneurial work.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger is an avid swimmer, enjoys coaching youth sports and water sports. Elliott Allan Hilsinger received an education at the University of Cincinnati (UC) before beginning his work as an entrepreneur. He completed his education at the UC’s Carl H. Lindner’s College of Business in 1995 and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Marketing.

Career History

Elliott Allan Hilsinger received a BBA from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 1995. Following that, Hilsinger quickly began his business career. He decided to follow an entrepreneurial career path and soon started a few small businesses after his graduation from college. Hilsinger continued to build these businesses over the next several years.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger used his entrepreneurial skills, techniques he learned during his education, and plenty of market research in order to keep building these businesses. Soon enough, Hilsinger sold these small businesses and continued on with his entrepreneurial endeavors. The process of starting, building, and ultimately selling the several small businesses he created lasted for an entire decade following his graduation from college.

In 2009, Elliott Allan Hilsinger then fell victim to identity theft. This experience affected him greatly and also made it clear to him that personal identifying information (PII) was not as secure as he had initially believed. As a result, Hilsinger decided to address this problem and help protect others from falling victim to identity theft as he had and teach the importance of protecting PII. That objective is the main reason that Hilsinger decided to start working on starting another company.

Then, Elliott Allan Hilsinger created a business plan and performed extensive market research in order to evaluate the state of the identity theft protection industry. Once he had finished analyzing the results of this research, Hilsinger gathered together a team composed of industry experts. He then founded Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions in 2011. His mission for Guard Well is that it would give every single American household affordable but potent multi-layered identity theft protection.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger has continued with Guard Well since its founding in 2011. He currently serves as the CEO of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. Hilsinger has held this position since June of 2012.

Academic Background

Elliott Allan Hilsinger is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Following his high school academic achievement and graduation in 1990, Hilsinger enrolled and began attending the University of Cincinnati (UC) late fall of that same year. He studied at UC for a total of five years from 1990-1995. Hilsinger completed his education at UC’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 1995 and earned his BBA with a concentration in marketing. During his time at UC, Hilsinger was involved in many campus life activities, one of which was following his father’s footsteps to become a Sigma Chi. He is now a lifelong member of Sigma Chi and he and his family have since given back to the fraternity in multiple ways on an annual basis for decades.

The Accomplishments of Elliott Allan Hilsinger

Hilsinger first began his work as an entrepreneur more than a decade ago. As previously mentioned, in his earlier years as an entrepreneur, Elliott Allan Hilsinger created and expanded several different small businesses. After doing so, Hilsinger then sold those businesses as he kept working as an entrepreneur.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. One of the most significant accomplishments Elliott Allan Hilsinger has achieved so far in his life is the founding of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. Hilsinger founded Guard Well back in 2011 and he currently serves as the company's CEO. Guard Well provides identity management and protection solutions nationwide primarily through the employee benefits space. Guard Well has also won many awards, as well. Elliott Allan Hilsinger is frequently cited online and in publications as a subject matter expert dedicated to helping companies protect their employees and their company bottom line from the damages of employee identity theft.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger has a number of philanthropic accomplishments. He created the 'Guard Well Gives Back' program. This program helps non-profit and charitable organizations achieve their donation goals. Additionally, Hilsinger also started the 'COPS Program.’ COPS stands for Covering Officer's Personal Security.

The COPS Program allows any law enforcement officer located in the United States to obtain a Guard Well membership at a significant discount. Guard Well then donates a part of the cost of these memberships to a charity that is oriented toward helping law enforcement. Elliott Allan Hilsinger also created the VETS Program and this program is similar to the COPS program in that it provides significant membership discounts to active or retired members of the military. Guard Well donates part of the cost of these memberships to a veteran-oriented or military-oriented charity.

Personal Life

Elliott Hilsinger, 49, is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio.


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